Nationwide/Regional Sponsorship for Professional and Amateur Golf Tour

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Outstanding Opportunity – Full naming rights available to the most exciting golf tour in the UK in an £11 billion industry right through to entry level banner displays at individual tournaments are available with cross media and event opportunities.

Capture the imagination of the 11 million actively engaged in the UK golf industry. Wow that’s a bold statement but a fact.

Did you know that there is an untapped market in the UK where we see…

  • 56% of the 25,000 golf professionals are from age 45 years
  • 76% (6 million) of amateur golfers are from age 45 years
  • 20% of amateur golfers are from age 60 years

No other organisation focuses their attention to the golfer from age 45 with regular professional and amateur tournaments.


Full title sponsorship proposal Staysure Tour winner Andrew Oldcorn is a member of the PGGuild
Andrew Oldcorn Senior PGA Champion and Senior European Tour (now Staysure Tour) winner is a member of the Professional Golfers Guild

Core Target Audience

Cross media marketing to hit all golf clubs in UK. Core targeted pro and pro-am events totalling 30 days from March to November.

Media Types Used
Print/digital local/regional press, local radio/TV coverage, national golf magazines, social media coupled with and supporting unique event sponsorship (examples below).

Key dates 
One/two-day professional events (inc. top amateurs) plus one-day pro-am events for amateur golfers from March to November 2019.

So what’s the opportunity?

To be at the forefront of a targeted campaign to create and deliver a unique and exciting new golf tour for amateur and professional golfers. Maximise exposure through regional and national marketing campaigns. The market is untapped in terms of relating to, targeting and engaging with the core of golfers.

What is the Marketing Objective?

To be the most extensive targeted golf tour in the UK and Europe with a marketing campaign to drive recognition as a golfers household name. Turnover in golf is £10 billion annually involving 11 million people, yet does not target the very backbone of the industry. We will delivering exciting memorable experiences aligned with sponsors involvement for everyone who either takes part or is involved creating positive brand awareness and experience. We aim to deliver a marketing plan which maximises exposure and use both print and digital media, local radio, TV and social media to drive awareness in every club at the very least.

How does it Work

PG-AM: A revised pro-am format – Full staging to create the ultimate amateur experience. Groups of 3 amateurs & a professional take to the course and compete for the best amateur stableford scores. . Focus is on the amateur/sponsors experience, so the professionals receive a flat basic payment for taking part. Leading individual amateur scorers will win their position at the grand final PG-AM event. Creates fantastic TV, press, digital and social media exposure and well as top profiling title sponsor for all events.
Pro Tour: Unique 1 and 2 day tournaments for professionals and top amateurs (max handicap 5) from age 45 and season long Order of Merit (OOM). Ambassadors: For pro and amateur golfers (max handicap 10) from 60 plus (OOM).

Who has used it in the past?

The Professional Golfers Guild has been formed by two of the founding creators of The Senior Masters Tour and fellow tour players where high profile golf professionals, Senior Open winner, Ryder Cup players, European/Senior European Tour winners, PGA/Senior PGA Champions, SA/Australian/Asian Tour winners and US Champions Tour winners including Peter Baker, Paul Broadhurst, Domingo Hospital, Gordon Brand, Andrew Oldcorn, Paul Wesselingh, Bob Cameron, Mark Mouland, Gary Wolstenholme, Gary Emerson, Paul Eales, and others all competed alongside UK/European PGA & non-PGA professional golfers and leading amateurs. The tour professionals have enjoyed entertaining sponsors and amateurs in pro-am events.


Forefront of a massive untapped market.  Most extensive targeted golf tour in the UK with a marketing campaign to drive recognition as a golfers household name. Only tour to target professionals from 45 and 60+ and combines an amateur tournament which utilises the depth of expertise of our professionals creating a very unique and exciting opportunity for sponsors to entertain and be entertained in our season long events whilst reaching marketing targets.

How much does it cost?

Full title sponsorship of the Professional Golfers Guild for 2018 – £500,000. There is also something for everyone to come of board and enjoy 2018 with seasonal and individual tournament sponsorship to achieve varying financial goals and market exposure (some examples below and full details can be found in our brochures).

Is the opportunity National or Regional? Both. We are excited to be able to bring the Professional Golfers Guild and its exciting tours nationwide

Examples of sponsorship ideas

We have a variety of outstanding sponsorship packages: –

  • Title sponsor with tour naming rights for the 2019 season – click here for our presentation
  • Tournament sponsor with naming rights
  • Sponsor a PG-AM or Corporate day
  • Sponsor items like the scoreboards, tee box markers, van promotion, display banners and more for the season
  • Sponsorship at individual tournaments such as banners, sponsor a hole, sponsor the 1st tee, and more
  • In effect The Professional Golfers Guild has a package to suit all budgets and needs of the sponsor.
Examples of our Cross Media Marketing

We will have a very active marketing campaign both locally and nationally, so wherever a tournament is being held we will include promotions like: –

  • Contact local media and issue press releases and updates before, during and after the events
  • Tap into the scope available from social media like Facebook and Twitter, locally and nationally
  • Sponsors included on our website at the level relevant to the particular client.
  • Sponsors included in our newsletters at the level relevant to the particular client
  • Entertain clients taking part in corporate days and PG-AM’s with our Tour professionals
  • Photography taken on tournament days will include sponsored logo’s and banners etc and used in our ongoing marketing
  • and more

Don’t forget to download our PGGuild and sponsorship information below.

Full title sponsorship proposal