Benefits to Clubs

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The Professional Golfers Guild is highly committed to the future wellbeing of the game we enjoy so much and we would like to bring our high profile professional tournament and PG-AM event to your club.

Listed below are just a few reasons why previous venues have offered us continued support and use of their facilities plus the benefits that your golf course & facility will enjoy through hosting one of our events.

We have found that hosting one of our events benefits host clubs through heightened awareness, the endorsement of facilities as well as boosting revenue streams due to the following: –

Visitors and spectators boost sales

  • Our aim will be to contact local and regional media, conduct radio interviews and issue press releases with a view to promoting your event and facility before, during and after the event.
  • We will promote your club through online methods, including social media.
  • We will advertise your club on our website for the 2018 season with the potential to continue our relationship in future years.
  • Once we have set the ball in motion we will set about securing sponsorship and promotion further endorsing your facility.
  • By giving free access to course and clubhouse, various revenue streams such as bar and catering are given a boost.
  • Competitors will enjoy your hospitality and use of facilities.
  • Members and public will enjoy the opportunity to get up close the professionals with members experiencing how the professionals handle your course.
  • Plus additional players and spectators coming to the area boosts income within the local community.

Where the PGA charge clubs to host their tournaments, we do not, yet at the same time feel we can offer so much more.

Golf buggies hired at events

PG-AM’s are our way of transforming traditional Pro-Am events and we would love to involve your club fully. We will available our Tour professionals to team up with your members, corporate sponsors and guest for a truly memorable day.

Most importantly, Professional Golfers Guild will listen to you, and take on board the expertise you have of knowing your club, members and local area.

Boost club revenue streams