Senior pro golfer Paul Wesselingh - Senior PGA Champion, 8 x Senior European Tour winner and Fubon Open Champion

Guild Tour’s 45 & 60 yrs+

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DON’T WAIT UNTIL YOU ARE 48 or 50 for the senior pro tours….  The Professional Golfers Guild will have the most extensive targeted professional golf tour in the UK. We have thrown away the rule book and redefined access to professional golf tournaments which are both affordable and rewarding from the age of  45.

WHY THE GUILD TOUR from age 45?

Professional golf in the forties can be a challenge for club professionals through to top level European Tour players. That’s nothing new. With the constant influx of young talent, there comes a time where most sports professions find the skill and expertise gained over decades is not quite competitive enough to viably compete on the main tour yet too young for the senior tours. All too often we have spoken to professionals in their forties who are  just waiting and biding time to start competing again. That can’t be right.

56% of golf professionals are aged over 45 which is a significant reflection of the golfers who fall into the new target market.

Affordable and financially viable sponsored prize funds. Why pay more than £100 to enter a two day tournament.  We have dropped entry fees so our sponsored tournaments are accessible to more players throughout the year. PGGuild members will only pay £75 for a one day and £100 for a two day tournament.

Not everyone who dreams of being a golf professional as a young person is able to achieve that goal for many reasons. Opportunities change, and a talented amateur may find a career change possible during their 40’s.We say why wait until golfers are 48 or 50 for the senior pro tours. The Professional Golfers Guild is here from age 45.

With the Guild Tour opening its doors to the professional world from age 45 also offers the best opportunity to prepare for potential qualification to the Senior European Tour at age 50.

Leading amateurs with a handicap of 5 or less are encouraged to compete head to head with their professional counterparts, and you never know, this alone may trigger a move to the professional ranks.

There will be an Order of Merit for the Guild Tour in 2018

Have you turned age 60? Come and truly compete in our senior pro tournaments from age 60 on our Ambassadors Tour.

We would like to ensure professional golfers maintain as competitive as they wish through the true “senior” years whilst continuing to enjoy the friendships and camaraderie of our main Guild Tour which is why we have introduced the PGG Ambassadors Tour to support golf pro’s from age 60.

20% of golfers are aged 60 and over

Players in their 60’s have an exciting choice to either compete in the main Guild Tour, or opt to take part in the Ambassadors Tour against fellow 60+ players. There will also be an Ambassadors Order of Merit for the season and realistic and viable prize funds.

Whilst golfers with a maximum handicap of 5 can elect to compete in the main Guild Tour at any age from 45, to compete on the Ambassadors Tour, amateur players should have a handicap of 10 or less.

What are you waiting for.

Take a look at our schedule and as soon as we have secured title sponsorship we will open tournaments for entry.

Gary_Wolstenholme_leadiing_amateur turned pro at age 50