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We are passionate about seeing amateur golfers, men, ladies, juniors, seniors with different abilities enjoying this wonderful game of golf and are excited to be able to do this in three different ways with our targeted tournaments. 


Firstly, our two professional golf tours welcome leading amateurs allowing top amateurs to excel competing with and against our Guild professionals.

Pro Golfers Guild Tour for golf professioanls from age 48

Open to top class amateurs from age 45 with a maximum handicap of 5. Amateurs play head to head with the professionals for title and prizes within R & A guidelines up to the value of £500. Players are also included in the season long Order of Merit where points are awarded for playing in every tournament.

Pro Golfers Guild Ambassadors Tour fro golf professionals and top amateurs with a handicap of 10 or less from age 60

Open to leading amateurs from age 60 with a maximum handicap of 10. Our Ambassadors enjoy the camaraderie to take part within the main Guild Tour and enjoy taking the professionals on head to head for the title and prizes within R & A guidelines up to a value of £500. Ambassadors are also included in the PGG Ambassadors season long Order of Merit .

Will you be our champion of champions?

The PGGuild is passionate about golf and actively embrace men, ladies and juniors of all abilities* by offering the most unique and exciting amateur tournament in the UK.

Is it your dream to be a better player and play alongside the professionals, watching close up what they do and how they compete. The Professional Golfers Guild wants you to enjoy that very experience, whilst chasing your own dream of being the Champion of Champions at our Grand Final in the Autumn.

We have launched a brand new amateur tournament to replace the typical pre-tournament pro-am events and offer outstanding value and incredible prizes, both individual and team.

This is how our PG-AM events work: –

  • We are holding a series of PG-AM events through the season in different parts of the country
  • Players will go out with 3 amateurs and one professional
  • As in a typical stableford tournament, each player has a scorecard which they swap with a fellow team member for marking. That’s it. We will do all the tallying up when you come in.
  • The professionals support their fellow team players and help create a truly special day
  • Each PG-AM champion will receive their free entry to the Grand final at our end of season Tour Championship
  • A play off will determine the next two players to qualify for the Tour Championship
  • Fourth place will be a reserve should qualifying players be unable to take up their place in the Tour Championship.
  • Other than qualifying prizes, amateur prizes for individuals and teams will be available

Where would you like to go next?

Find a PG-AM Day? Click here. Find a PGG Pro Event? Click here.

We are also able to create bespoke corporate days to suit your needs

Race to the grand final. Will you be amateurs champion of champions

  • PG-AM handicap limit 24 for men & 32 for ladies